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traxInsight is our primary research tool for creating electrochemical interrogation procedures and detecting the resulting changes in an electrochemical cell.

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Create Procedures

In traxInsight you can setup procedures, these procedures allow you to setup a series of electrochemical interrogation techniques.

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Capture Data

All data produced by a traxReader is automatically stored in our traxCloud environment.  This data is securely stored and backed up regularly.  

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Chart & Export

You can lookup any part of the data you captured in the past, once you have looked it up you can graph it or export it for use with external tools.

Ready to launch traxInsight?

You must install Microsoft .NET Runtime for x64 or x86 before launching traxInsight for the first time.
The appropriate .NET installer will automatically download and a new page with
instructions will open after selecting x64 or x86.

If you are a Goole Chrome user, you must also install Microsoft ClickOnce for Google Chrome
After you click on the link a new tab with detailed instructions will open.

Please download and review the traxInsight Manual

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