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traxPlatform Features

Functionality You Will Love


The backbone of the traxPlatform

User accounts, test results, research, you name it, we store it all in a secure cloud environment. Access is tightly controlled, and uptime is guaranteed. All the traxPlatform components leverage the traxCloud to perform their operations. 


Partner interaction portal

This web interface is used to deploy a test to market and monitor is use after deployment. Here you can track its use and gain valuable insights into how it is being used worldwide. (Coming Soon) 


Wellness Provider Portal

A web UI for wellness providers to see client results and lead them down their journey to enhanced wellness. (Coming Soon) 


Commercial or industrial user portal

A web UI for businesses to view all the commercial and industrial testing that is happening. (Coming Soon)


The primary product development tool

The primary tool for a researcher to bring their product to market, traxInsight allows for use of the traxReader and traxSensor in a research environment, storing all the data related to the configuration and use of each version of your sensor and its assay as you develop a novel test. 


Sensor development platform

We have created a variety of sensor configurations that can be leveraged by 3rd party researchers to detect their bait/target combination of choice and bring them to market. Each has different operating characteristics that can be used to find these combinations. Further the traxSensor hardware is open source and you can leverage its architecture to create sensors unique to your use case and still compatible with the traxReader and surrounding platform. 


Healthcare Provider Portal

A web UI for healthcare professionals to see client results and lead them down a path to great health outcomes. (Coming Soon) 


Mobile Application

A mobile application for end users to perform tests, store results and share them with health and wellness practitioners or to a business for commercial or industrial uses. 

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