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trax Platform for End Users

Once you have decided to build and commercialize a test, your next concern will be what the user experience of your customers is going to be.  We have built everything required for your users to utilize your test.

All your users require is your test, the traxReader connected to their cell phone, and their own (free) account that will store test results so they can be viewed  or shared securely. The mytrax app on the users phone is provided free, and simple to use.

Your customer buys your branded test

The first step for your customer is to acquire your test. They can do that by purchasing from Bio-Stream's online Marketplace, or perhaps you sell them from your own online store. Either way the test is identified with your organizations branding, and purchased at the price that you set.


Install the mytrax app

Once your customer has your test in hand, all they need to do is install the mytrax app on their phone and plug in the traxReader. Using mytrax they create a user account, and are ready to begin using your test.


Insert the tests sensor into the traxReader

The user inserts the sensor into the traxReader which identifies the test being used, and automatically presents the instructions for use. The instructions walk the user, screen by screen and step by step through the process of using the test. Within minutes the result of the test is displayed on the phone and data from the test is stored in the users secure online account.


View and Save test results into your online account.

Your end users can log into their account anytime to review the results from all the test they have used. This information, with their explicit permission can be forwarded to anyone they wish to share the results with. Fast, simple, secure and convenient results available anywhere.

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