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traxPlatform for Research

We have created the traxPlatform to be easy and convenient for research organizations to bring tests for novel bait/target combinations to market.

Steps to creating a novel test

We have created a streamlined process for bringing a test you can develop, to market.  This process allows for rapid development of your test, and a place to share it with the world

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Identify the bait for your target of interest

Whether it's an aptamer, antibody, or chemical.  You choose a method of surface modification of the sensor. 


Functionalize the bait to the sensor surface

Once you have chosen your bait, you must attach it to the surface of the sensor. This chemistry can be something of your own or you can use a selection of functionalization assays we have ready for you to try. 


Create electrochemical sensor inspection protocol

The traxReader is capable of various electrochemical inspection types. Leveraging any of the various inspection types in any order and at any time you can create a custom method for finding the target binding has occurred. If you're not familiar with these techniques we will supply some for you to try. 


Interpret the results

Using traxInsight you can leverage any build in mathematical models functions or tactics you wish to find the target interaction.

Find a commercialization partner or act as your own commercialization entity

Once the sensor intellectual property has been created Bio-Stream can work with you to find a commercial partner to help fund the commercialization of your sensor.  Should you wish to fund this process yourself that is also a viable option.  Generally speaking the Researcher and Commercialization Partner come up with a royalty split.


Create a wholesale and retail price point for your sensor

Here you have to balance the cost of creating a sensor with the MSRP.  We can help you navigate this process to ensure you have a saleable product.


Order your sensors from Bio-Streams manufacturing facilities

Bio-Stream with manufacture and provide your sensors to our distribution network at the wholesale price you pick.


Retailers start selling your sensor

Once the sensors are available, any retailer, including yourself, can buy sensors at the wholesale price and resell them to end users.  Bio-Stream will also post these sensors in the online marketplace for end users to purchase at the MSRP.

Steps to commercialization of a novel test

We have created a streamlined process for bringing a new test to market.  This process allows for manufacturing and distribution of your test.

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