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Drop  of blood placed on sensor, inserted in to Reader

Innovative Sensing Solutions

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Bio-Stream is in the business of working with researchers, centralized labs, and diagnostic companies to bring point-of-care and at-home testing to market.


We do this by providing small, low-cost transistor based sensors and companion reader that together provide exceptional accuracy in detecting biomarkers. 

Three parts to build a test.



The consumable for every test developed on the traxPlatform, is either a single or multiplex sensor. Inexpensive to produce, and easy to use, these sensors are manufactured with the sensors gate functionalized to hold the "bait' that will bind to a target of interest.



The universal traxReader will capture the results from any test using a traxSensor, regardless of what the test is for. This smart device plugs into a smartphone, recognizes the nature of the test as the traxSensor is inserted,  and then goes to work to capture  the tiny electrical charge created when the target of interest binds with the bait. Results are displayed within minutes.



Test developers use traxInsights to capture data from the sensors, analyze results, optimize settings and create test specific instructions for use.

The end user of a test has their own account on secure servers, accessed using the free mytrax app on either iOS or Android. This app captures the tests data and presents the results.

  • While tests using traxSensors are optimal, the trax platform can be used with other sensors such as simple screen printed electrodes

Innovative Technology For Innovative Solutions

The end user experience is simple, eliminating the need for any highly trained personnel to administer a test.

The user logs into their account using the mytrax app.


The traxReader recognizes when test sensor is inserted, and also knows what the test is for. The instructions for use are automatically displayed on phone. 

Who is trax platform for?

If you are interested in building a test, taking a test to market, or using a test at home or as part of your business,

the trax platform may be for you.

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Research Partners

As a researcher, you likely have an unmatched level of expertise related to the specific problem you have been studying. If your research requires the detection of a specific biomarker, protein, metabolite or chemical, the trax platform can provide the complete set of tools to develop a test to find your target of interest.

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Commercialization Partners

To maximize the value of a test, regardless of what the test detects, it has to be made commercially available. This is what our Commercialization Partners do.  Whether they have developed the test themselves, or license it from a Research Partner, the job is to make it available for broad use. The trax platform provides a way to assist with commercialization, protecting the IP associated with the test, while providing a financial return on investment.  If you would like to bring a test to market, contact us to learn more how you can be successful using the trax product line.

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As the end user primarily interested in the final results of a specific test, the trax platform could well be the foundation the test you are using is built on.

As more tests become available, more insightful results are at your fingertips.  Whether you are testing your A1C, testing for an allergy, testing for  an STI or a cardiovascular condition, the process will be the same.

Insert the test's sensor into the traxReader, apply the sample and take a reading.  All tests operate using the same familiar simple process with am inexpensive,  universal traxReader connected to your smartphone..


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